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At the beginning of the 1990s a trip by Dr. Litton Muñoz to Nicaragua, carried out for strictly personal reasons, allowed him to see the medical and clinical reality of the country with respect to his specialty, urology. This trip ended up in a series of professional performances, surgical interventions and specific master dissertations which meant the germ of the the Foundation for Medical Cooperation Surgical Miguel Litton.

That journey of “initiation” to the region was followed by several others though now with the aim of contributing, in solidarity, to the development on the ground of his medical specialty; practice emergency or special difficult interventions; give lectures; hold technical meetings in order to share experiences and best practices and, in short, help solve medical problems in dire need. Other Spanish specialists joined Dr. Litton’s effort by contributing along with different local medical professionals who, in different places, started to build a solidarity network and whose outcomes were valued practically from the very beginning of the activity.

Activity that, on the other hand, was carried out in a much more optimistic than structured way, due to the players’ responsibilities who had to continue with their roles in Spain. But also due to the absence of a financing scheme which provided the, by then named, Urological Brigades with a minimally stable philanthropic activity and with a certain capacity to foresee and organize its commitment to those countries.

However, the organization of some international congresses, timely financial support from certain private entities and collaboration with different non-governmental organizations contributed to the continuity of the activity of the Brigades. Till situating their results at very high levels of public and civil perception, as well as by the authorities of the region. This recognition also acted as a catalyst for relations between different Latin American and Spanish institutions, institutionalizing through real facts the importance of how much the Brigades have worked and achieved so far.

After thirty years, with our responsibilities in Spain fully in force, we want to order, systematize and, as a last resort, perpetuate everything we have been doing so far

After thirty years, with our responsibilities in Spain fully in force, we want to order, systematize and, as a last resort, perpetuate all that we have been doing so far. And this, and no other, would be the reason for this Foundation. According to the well-known Chinese proverb, it would be no longer a matter of providing fish to these people, but of teaching them how to fish. And therefore, the seed of what we have been doing takes root in those lands and in others with the guarantee of it growing healthy, strong and lasting.

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