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Educational programs

This foundation was born with a deep educational vocation. The so- called “Brigades” include, projects focused on «teaching doctors,» as well as free urological care to extremely humble patients who visit the hospital, and in both cases have shown its successful implementation and have been emphatically welcomed by the different Health Services in Central America. The results of our group of experts show high effectiveness despite the plausible complexity in its development.

The “Hispano-Americana Urological Brigade” project of surgical assistance to populations without resources along with the urological local doctor training plan, have certainly lead  – upon our extensive implementation experience in countries of Central America – by bringing HOPE to people who coexist with their lack of resources and their urological disease or even die of it, but has also developed cohesion between our Central American medical colleagues.

Learning is the defining key: it is not difficult to develop programs of Health Care in countries in need if the operation scheme is simple and you work in an atmosphere of cordiality among colleagues. This program proves it, as it was born with a sense of teaching continuity.


Medical conferences have been given to Nicaraguan urologists in accordance with the requests of the Urology service of the Lenin Fonseca School Hospital of Managua. Some titles:

  • «Surgery of post-chemotherapy residual mass in testicular tumours»
  • «Laparoscopic adenomectomy»
  • «Management of advanced renal cancer: From empiricism to genetic bases»
  • «Treatment of hormone-resistant prostate cancer»
  • «Treatment of disseminated prostate cancer»
  • «Treatment of infiltrating bladder cancer»
  • «Aging, Andropenia and Erectile Dysfunction»
  • «Femanine urinary incontinence and its treatment»
  • «PSA and Screening in Prostate Cancer»
  • «Start of program of renal extraction via laparoscopic live donor»
  • «Preliminary experience in plasmokinetic vaporization of prostate»
  • «Percutaneous treatment of renal lithisis. Technique and complications»
  • «Kidney trauma. Diagnosis and therapeutic management»
  • «Laparoscopy yesterday, today, tomorrow»
  • «Male urinary incontinence»
  • «Rational use of antibiotics in Urology»
  • «Management of bulbar urethral stenosis»
  • «News in renal transplants»
  • «Application of Holmium Laser in the surgical treatment of BPH», etc.

Teaching workshops

  • Urodynamics
  • Pelvic floor

Spanish urologists of all the regional communities have participated in these brigades. More than 350 in total.

Some have made individual donations to Nicaraguan hospitals for surgical equipment (cold-light lasers, ultrasound scanners, IUE meshes, etc).

Nicaraguan health system projects

In collaboration with the Spanish doctor Dr. Félix Miaja, projects were carried out which gave us a in depth knowledge of both, the health care system and state of hospitals. In the 5 years (2001 to 2005), these projects led by Dr. Miaja, allowed us to understand the organization and functioning of the Nicaraguan health system.

  • Project for Defining alternatives for the expanding and/or broadening coverage of health services to non-traditional groups in the informal sector and rural migrant workers, financed by the IDB. October 2003-February 2004.
  • Project for Defining alternatives for the expanding and/or broadening coverage of health services to non-traditional groups in the informal sector and rural migrant workers in Nicaragua, financed by the WB. April 2002 – August 2002.
  • Project for Defining alternatives for the expanding and/or broadening Coverage of Pension Health Services of the Nicaraguan Social Security Institute, financed by the WB. December 2000 – March 2001.
  • Development of institutional capacities for the Design and Implementation of Clinical Practice Guidelines for the health model of Social Security, Inter-American Development Bank. December 2005
  • Study on Business Management, Analysis of Alternatives for Managing Costs and Global Efficiency of Medical Companies Forecasts, IDB. October 2001 – January 2002.
    Nicaragua; Definition of service alternatives for the solution of highly complex pathologies, BM. April 2001 – July 2001.

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