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Medical-surgical missions

Up until now, we have deployed more than 300 surgeons to 4 countries in 32 missions and carried out more than 1,800 urological interventions. Most of them with complex techniques, and in many cases such surgeries were conducted in those countries for the first time.

Resumen de las brigadas

Interventions carried out

  • Radical prostatectomies of prostate by CaP with Laparoscopic approach.
  • Radical nephrectomies by Ca. renal via Laparoscopic.
  • Renal tumorectomies (partial nephrectomies).
  • Laparoscopic pyeloplasties.
  • Simple nephrectomies.
  • Conventional surgeries (Kidney, Vesical, Prostatic and Testicular Neoplasms).
  • Urethroplasties due to urethral stenosis (with and without grafts).
  • Surgery for staghorn kidney lithiasis.
  • Percutaneous renal surgery.
  • Pyelolithotomies, ureterolithotomies, cystolithotomies.
  • Prostatic adenomectomies.
  • Surgery against female urinary incontinence.
  • Transurethral resections of the prostate, bladder neoformations, etc.

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