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The Miguel Litton Foundation

A reason
for living

There are many reasons that may justify our passing through life, many and varied reasons to live, but bringing back smiles, along with the sincere and endearing gratitude of so many hundreds of patients and their families, the enthusiasm and generosity of my colleagues and collaborators, would be enough to make this project-, which I have been carrying out for the last almost thirty years- in places such as Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica, the centrepiece of my existence.

Here we will provide account of this work, explaining the type of surgical interventions, the training initiatives, the number of people attended and the expeditions we have carried out. We will reproduce testimonials of patients and doctors, but the first of them, the first testimony, must be that of my gratitude for having had the opportunity to live this experience.

The Miguel Litton Foundation

The Foundation is formed with the idea of perpetuating and maintaining in time the altruistic work of Dr. Litton Muñoz and its team of collaborators of the Urological Brigades. In order to transfer to other countries, with lower knowledge, the knowhow the clinical capacities, medical technology, research initiatives and, in short, the individual and collective benefits, derived from a broader development of their medical specialty, urology. And such a transfer must be carried out in a structured, organized and sustainable way, in order to be able to grow over time -ensuring its future survival – as well as -increasing the number of countries that can benefit from its activity.



At the beginning of the 1990s a trip by Dr. Litton Muñoz to Nicaragua, carried out for strictly personal reasons, allowed him to see the medical and clinical reality of the country with respect to his specialty, urology. This trip ended up in a series of professional performances, surgical interventions and specific master dissertations which meant the germ of the Foundation for Medical Cooperation Surgical Miguel Litton.

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